How to celebrate a birthday in Kiev?

Photos for reviews How to celebrate a birthday in Kiev?
Almost everyone, on the eve of the next holiday in his life, begins to think about how to celebrate his birthday in Kiev. Not everyone and not always has the opportunity to gather friends at home, and I want to spend this day unusually, fun, exciting, interesting for all guests.

Original ideas, as can be noted DR in Kiev

If you ask this question to the “search engine”, it will highlight the most diverse birthday ideas in Kiev for a large company . Fortunately, we are talking about a huge city, where there are many entertainment centers, parks, night clubs, cafes and restaurants, moreover, quite atmospheric, cozy and pleasant. For those who want to move away from the standard options, mention others in Kiev, who are already fed up with it, there are many interesting ideas to make this day especially memorable. So, in order to celebrate a birthday in Kiev, today you can: • go with a group of friends to the water park; • arrange a military-style holiday (paintball is a fun, active and energetic event); • organize a picnic in nature or in the park. For example, in summer it is most appropriate to choose the Peoples' Friendship Park, where there are many beautiful places, water entertainments, there are wakeboarding, a cable car, jet ski rental, and you can rent a gazebo on the beach. In winter, it is better to go to the X-park, a wood-heated bath and bathing in a vat - an original and pleasant form of relaxation; • rent a coffee bus. A beautiful, bright, restored old bus with an equipped coffee shop inside will take you around the city while you and your friends will drink Italian coffee and eat sweets; • visit the quest room . Let's talk about the latter in more detail.

The quest is one of the best ideas for celebrating DR

A visit to the quest room is a great birthday idea in Kiev. We dwell on it in more detail, because she is one of the new ones who did not have time to get bored, and is not yet known to everyone. Quest in Kiev is a fascinating interactive game designed for the participation of the team (which, in fact, is necessary in DR - to unite and entertain guests). In the story, you will be assigned a task that must be completed in a certain time, and to achieve the goal you will need to solve puzzles, puzzles, puzzles, connecting logic and using intelligence. So you can really interestingly celebrate a birthday in Kiev, relax and entertain your guests, they will not be bored, and if they were not familiar before that, then during the game they will quickly find a common language, becoming friends. Well, after all - you can sit in the cafe for a bit.

Quest room as a gift option to a friend

A visit to the quest room can be a great gift to a friend or loved one. This idea is brilliant because solves several tormenting many issues at once. For example, what to give (a certificate of attendance, which provides a discount for the birthday, that is, the gift will be even cheaper) or where to celebrate a birthday in Kiev with a friend, if there is no way to invite home or just want to have fun.
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