How to spend a weekend in Poltava?

Photos for reviews How to spend a weekend in Poltava?
Poltava is one of the most beautiful and progressive cities in Ukraine, which has a lot of entertainment for locals and visitors of the city. At the same time, not everyone can immediately understand how to spend the weekend in Poltava to get pleasant emotions and impressions. Of course, if you talk about newcomers, even a walk through the streets of the city, a hike to local cafes and restaurants will be a great fun. But nowadays, people are increasingly seeking to spend time actively and outside the box, in search of new emotions. Let's look at this topic in more detail, and figure out how to arrange an unforgettable weekend in Poltava weekend in Poltava. Fortunately, there are many different ways to have fun in the city that will appeal to many.

Things to do in Poltava?

• • Poltava offers its residents and guests many ways to have fun and get new emotions. If you are here for the first time, go to a local place for an entertainment: Visit a cafe, eat in a local restaurant, and light a dance at a local club. • • For more conservative figures, there are theaters and museums where you can also see a lot of new and interesting things. It is worth noting such opportunities: • • • Special entertainment venues where you can shop and have fun are often equipped with a movie theater, cafe and even a skating rink; • • • You can visit the local zoo, especially if you are with family; • • • Gather with friends, you can go karaoke or bowling - play, drink and snack, sing your favorite hits; • • • A fun or amusement park will be a good solution for children.

How interesting it is to spend a weekend in Poltava: intellectual and active rest

Modern youth and older people are gradually moving away from the usual methods of entertainment, and are increasingly turning their attention to active or intellectual recreation, which allows you to get much more impressions and emotions. Small and large companies will enjoy the outdoor activities, this is a great solution for a family or friendly company. Among the intellectual pastimes, the most popular are the various board games, or clubs of connoisseurs, which are often held in public places. Active competition will provide you with a game of laser tag, or paintball, which allow you to arrange a real war on a training ground or in a specialized room. Also, if you want to combine active and intellectual leisure, try visiting quest room.

Weekend Holidays in Poltava: Features of Quest Rooms

Daily in Poltava is one of the most modern and progressive holiday solutions. You can go by any company. The game combines many logical tasks and a great team game option. After such entertainment will remain a lot of impressions. Participants are given some time to solve the quest, usually 60 minutes. There are rooms of different complexity and subject matter.
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