How to spend a day off in Krivoy Rog

Photos for reviews How to spend a day off in Krivoy Rog
Many wonder how fun it is to spend a weekend in Kryvyi Rih. On the territory of the city, their services actively provide a network of cafes, restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious dishes, listen to nice music and just have a good time with relatives or friends. The establishments offer residents and guests of the city a large menu where everyone will find something for themselves. You can also go to an art gallery, museum or spend time in a cozy cafe over a cup of your favorite coffee.

Holiday ideas

For lovers of outdoor activities, you can spend a weekend in Kryvyi Rih by visiting such popular entertainment as: • bowling; • aquapark; • skating rink; • Paintball and more. The rink and water park will be suitable for family vacations with children so every family member will enjoy the leisure time, one of the most interesting ideas to do in Kryvyi Rih is to visit a quest room, so you will not only test your intellectual abilities, but also spend your free time in the original.

What is a quest?

Kryvyi Rih Quest is an exciting game for two or more people, full of different puzzles and puzzles, a certain topic. The team is tasked with solving the crime or getting out of the maze for a limited amount of time. If you are wondering how to spend a fun and bright day in Kryvyi Rih, this is the best option. You can go to this game with your children, friends, relatives or colleagues. The hardest part is to choose the genre of the game so that each participant enjoys the process. As a rule, quest rooms offer options for every taste. It can be a comedy, horror, thriller, fantasy, fantasy, adventure, erotic, children's or family genre. Everyone can choose the theme of the game to their liking. The choice of quest should be approached with all responsibility, consider all possible proposals. Compare cost, location, number of participants, age limit, tips, difficulty. Any questions you can ask managers on the phone.

Other weekend options

Weekend holidays in Kryvyi Rih can be dedicated to your health by going to a fitness center or gym. Such centers will help to improve the general state of health, to take care of their physical form. Experienced coaches will help you choose the right exercise and diet regimen. Representatives of the weak sex can spend their free time with benefits for their appearance by visiting spas, cosmetologist, massage therapist, makeup artist, hairdresser. This is a great opportunity to please yourself, to have fun. For lovers of traveling there is always the opportunity to go on a small tour on weekends in cities of Ukraine or abroad.
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