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Mariupol is a port city, one of the popular resorts that bring goods from Turkey and other countries by ship. This city is a great place for relaxation, where beaches are equipped with clean warm sand, there is a gentle sea with a beautiful coastal area, as well as lots of entertainment in and around the city.

Where to relax in Mariupol: sea and beaches

Important benefits of a holiday in Mariupol are the clean, fairly shallow sea and warm sandy beaches, which creates a wonderful environment for a family holiday with children. And in general, you can find interesting fun in Mariupol for all tastes, regardless of preference and age. In addition, holidays on the coast are relatively cheap and can be allowed by almost every inhabitant of the country. Outside the city, there are separate settlements for tourists, which take hundreds and thousands of tourists (for example, Melekino, Belosaraysky Spit and so on).

Where to go in Mariupol?

Active holidays in Mariupol are in high demand, as it gives the opportunity to "release steam", get a charge of adrenaline and wonderful memories. Regardless of the time of the year, you can have a fun holiday in Mariupol and find entertainment that makes your heart rate faster and give you a real extreme vacation. You may like the channels • karting. This pleasure can be obtained at any time of the year, with affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, karting does not require the acquisition of special skills, everything is simple and clear there; • ATVs. Traveling with friends or relatives on a quad bike will undoubtedly be one of the vivid memories, as such devices allow you to ride on sand, dirt, snow and so on - any off-road will not be an obstacle; • rafting. This is great entertainment in Mariupol for people who love water sports. And it can be relaxing or extreme depending on the complexity. Choosing sightseeing and white water rafting will allow you to take spectacular memorable photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery around; • horseback riding. Cost depends on the duration of the walk and the number of people in the group; • Skydiving. If you want real extreme - this entertainment is for you; • balloon flight. Lovers of romance will appreciate this holiday.

An interesting pastime in Mariupol: quest room

A Mariupol quest will be a great time to spend time with friends, colleagues, loved ones and family, colleagues and other halves. Visitors should solve a number of puzzles, be clever and manage their tasks as soon as possible. Quests feature special themed scenery, atmospheric music so you can get new feelings and forget about your everyday problems. Such a holiday will give a lot of positive emotions and relieve unnecessary tension.
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