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If you ask the youth of Zaporozhye what leisure activities are most popular today, then among the first you will hear: “Quest!”. And this is true, there are a lot of entertainments in the city (night clubs, bowling alleys, shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas), but quest rooms are something special: incredibly interesting, fascinating, developing, boring and suitable for a wide circle of people. Therefore, if you can’t decide where to go this weekend, select the discount quest in Zaporizhia and go there for by the sea of positive emotions.

Who can I go to the quest room in Zaporozhye

The fact is that we are talking about an entertaining intellectual, and at the same time active game that will be interesting to absolutely everyone. A discounted quest will be a great solution in such cases: • to spend a weekend with your family; • in order to have fun and diversify your vacation with friends; • colleagues can be invited here to get to know each other better in an informal setting; • for an unusual romantic date (choosing the plot of the quest, in which you are as strong as possible, will be able to prove yourself from the best side). By the way, many quest rooms provide an individual approach to pricing, so they offer discounts for two, which can be 20-40% of the total cost of a visit, which is both profitable and pleasant.

Special discounts on quest in Zaporizhia on a birthday

Discounts for Zaporozhye quests are provided for various reasons, and of course, a birthday is no exception. This is a special day that you want to spend not as usual, but when meeting your friends to celebrate the holiday is fun, interesting, exciting. A visit to the quest room will be a great option: you are provided with a place for a "party", guaranteed a good mood and a lot of positive emotions. At the same time, administration of the quest rooms offers Birthday discounts , and they will become another nice gift. To take advantage of the special offer for birthday people in Zaporozhye, you need: • choose the appropriate quest (given the plot, genre, difficulty and fear, the number of possible participants); • specify the conditions for the birthday (the time period for the game (in all rooms it is different - from one to seven days before / after the birthday) and the amount of the discount (it also varies from 5% to 50%)); • book a suitable date and time for the quest, making a note that you have a special reason for this game, and you are applying for holiday discounts on entertainment; • at the appointed time to arrive with your guests at the address of the quest room, not forgetting to bring along a document confirming that you really have a holiday.

How to prepare for the game

Those who have never played quests in Zaporozhye always ask: how to prepare for the game? Actually, it’s not worth worrying, you don’t need any physical or mental preparation - you only need to take the mood for victory and good mood with you. Specify the address of the room and the route, so as not to be late and not spoil the amazing entertainment.
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