Quest rooms in Kiev with discounts

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The quest is an amazing entertainment, having tried it once, you will not deny yourself the pleasure of getting unforgettable and incomparable emotions again and again. Despite the fact that Kiev is the capital, and this city offers an abundance of various leisure options (active, intellectual, family), the discount quest will be competition to most of them.

Options for discounts on quests in Kiev

Discounts on entertainment are always a pleasure, and today many quest rooms actively build on this approach the visitor loyalty program. There are different options for attractive offers for players, promotions can be: • one-time (this can always be found on the website of the selected room); • regularly operating (for club members, birthday parties, etc.). Therefore, you can always choose a great way to have a great time and save on this as much as possible. Going to the game with a large company is already profitable in itself, because the payment is for visiting the quest room. At the same time, many institutions in Kiev offer discounts for two for those who decided to organize a romantic date here. To do this, when booking an quest online, you should look at which games have special promotional prices for couples and take advantage of this pleasant offer.

Club card as a profitable solution

All quest rooms in Kiev with discounts practice rewards for regular visitors, in particular, they offer club cards that are valid for a year. Typically, such a card is inexpensive (about 50-100 UAH), but it allows the guest to save a certain amount on subsequent games. Discounts on the quest in Kiev can be up to 25% of the cost, and this, you must agree, is very nice.

Birthday is a special occasion worthy of discounts

birthday discounts are also very popular . The quest is a great way to spend an unforgettable time with friends, because the sea of positive emotions, crazy emotions and good mood are guaranteed. In addition, you will not need to look for a place to meet and think about how to entertain everyone. The quest room in Kiev will easily provide all the conditions for an unforgettable day, but the best part is that the birthday person gets material benefits, because for this significant occasion he is given a unique discount. Several conditions: • you can use a personal holiday discount only within a few days from the moment of a joyful event, as a rule, the range covers from one to seven days (but be sure to specify, since each quest has individual restrictions); • when booking a game on the site, it is important not to forget to make a “Birthday” mark in a special field for discounts; • Arriving at the game, you will definitely need to document this fact to the administrator (you just need to present a passport or birth certificate). The price is usually reduced for the whole birthday team, and not just for the "culprit" of the celebration. The size of the pleasant bonus should be clarified, for each room in Kiev it is different, on average - from 5% to 50%.
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