Coronavirus and quests

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Coronavirus and quests.

In connection with the introduction of more stringent and tightening measures by the cabinet in the fight against the pandemic of the virus crown in Ukraine, most of the quests were closed. Unfortunately, we are forced to report that some companies, due to the unwillingness of lessors to compromise and give rental vacations, are forced to close their activities completely. For example, the Atmosphere company in Kharkov, which offered 4 quest rooms for visitors (The Hobbit, Isle of the Damned, Metro 2020 and Fantastic Animals), by the way, is perhaps the best and most entouched in the city, is forced to cease to exist. Today, quests are disassembled and the room is freed.

What will happen to the quest industry after the epidemic

What will happen to the quest industry after the restoration of normal work and when this work will be normal, unfortunately, is not yet clear. At the moment, all the government’s forces are aimed at restraining the spread of the virus in our country, which we certainly support, but unfortunately, no one thought about small business and getting out of this economic hole.

The prerequisites for improving the situation are not yet visible.

Let's hope for the best and that you can still enjoy visiting the quest rooms and plunge into the world of emotions, to unwind for at least an hour or two from gray (increasingly dull, every day) everyday life and plunge into the world of adventure, magic and celebration . Regards, Questroom Team
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