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Humanity needs you! For a long time, we thought that alone in this vast universe. But we have never been wrong. Now the population of Earth is in real danger, and Nick Fury is looking for such brave heroes as you and your team to protect humanity. Our strength is in unity, and only together can we resist the enemy.

Become part of the Avengers team and take part in the most massive city quest of Ukraine!

In May, "Locked" turns 5 years old! And we are already looking forward to the start of the most ambitious game.

"Avengers" go on record!

❖ The game will take place on May 25 and 26, you can start the game any day from 12:00 to 18:00
❖ Prize start - May 25, 12:00
❖ Duration of the quest - 2.5-3 hours
❖ Collection place - square opposite the cinema "Kievan Rus"
❖ Cost - free

For all questions call the number: +38 093 170 1445.

The book of records awaits us!
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