What to do during coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine?

Photos for reviews What to do during coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine?
What to do during coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine?

Recall that from March 12, 2020, Ukraine introduced a quarantine regime.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Wednesday March 11 introduced a three-week quarantine throughout the country in connection with the global outbreak of the coronavirus CoVid-19.

A ban was introduced on mass events with the participation of 200 people, and later recommendations were changed to reduce the number of participants to a threshold of 60 people, educational institutions, cinemas, theaters and shopping and entertainment centers were also closed. With the coming good weather, few people have a desire to sit out at home, there is a desire to meet friends, take children to playgrounds in the fresh air. For the first couple of days this crush is quite enough, but what then?

Holiday Options

Fans of computer games can immerse themselves in the virtual world and not distracting from the gray reality of ordinary everyday life to lead their parallel reality.
But what to do with communication loves discussion, meeting friends?
So far, quarantine has not affected places of public catering, in which, by the way, no less number of visitors are gathered than in the cinema.
Fans of treating themselves to gastronomic delights can still delight their stomachs in the pleasant company of their friends in favorite restaurants and cafes.
For those who like a more intense vacation with emotions and impressions, we suggest looking towards the quest rooms.
Room quests are an excellent intellectually-developing type of outdoor activity for small companies from two to six (sometimes eight) participants, where everyone will find their role and will be involved in the process. The quest room industry has been developing in Ukraine since 2014 and has already gone through more than one round of changes and improvements.
If at the dawn of the advent of quest rooms in our country, games in reality took place in one-room rooms and 1 or maxim 2 quest rooms were located at one address, now quests are multi-room (two or more game rooms). Also, the choice of themes and genres of quests has expanded greatly from standard escapes to incredible performances with actors, from good family to terribly frightening and tickling nerves. In general, the choice of games in reality has become so wide and diverse that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right quest.

Where to choose and book a quest

The questroom portal will help you select and book the best quest using the filters for selecting and searching on the quest map.

For those who do not like to use filters, but prefer communication, we offer to call the operators, and they will pick up the quest by phone.

If you have not been to any quest yet and doubt that it is really interesting and exciting, we suggest that you ask your relatives or acquaintances, for sure someone already had experience of visiting. For beginners, we recommend choosing rooms of an easier difficulty level to understand the essence of quests and get pleasant emotions from completing a mission and solving puzzles.

What cities have quest rooms?

At the moment, in all major cities of Ukraine there is a quest room. True, some of them are of open type, which can be found out from various sources and which can be booked online and come to play at a convenient time. By the way, Ukraine ranks in the TOP10 in terms of the number of questrooms in the country, and the quality of game spaces (scenery, script, surroundings) is also at the top of the list. A lot of quest rooms in Kiev, a large number of open kvevsts in Odessa, Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Kharkov, Nikolaev and Khmelnitsky. In other cities, the number does not exceed 10 rooms, or they are closed, do not cooperate with open sources and sites for booking quests.

Try this type of entertainment and you will get a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions.
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