VR games. Vertual reality CUBE - adventure in vr (CUBE), Odessa

Town:  Odessa
Address:  Zhukovskyy st 13
Fear:  Not specified
History:  CUBE is a completely new entertainment... CUBE is a completely new entertainment format based on virtual reality technology. Once in the club, guests are greeted by Motveich, a guide to virtual reality. There is a special helmet and hand controllers for each player. 4 people can simultaneously connect to the system, after connecting the players are transferred to the virtual space. An individual play area of about 9 sq.m. is provided for each person. within which you can move and move, and all movements are read by sensors and transferred to the game, where guests can see, hear and interact with each other.
In our adventure, you can visit the bottom of the ocean and meet its largest inhabitant, you can become archers with the whole company and try to save your fortress from evil orcs, or you can turn into super agents from the future and try to protect the secret database from robots and drones, with ski on the most dangerous snow slopes in a breeze, or, for example, climb to the height of the 30th floor and walk along a thin bar trying to maintain balance, and then jump down.
And we can always surprise the most inveterate escape room lovers with riddles in virtual reality - mental hospitals and evil clowns, riddles of pirates and prisoners, mines and temporary dissonance ... You can try this and much more in CUBE.
Our advantages:
- full immersion - the picture will be around you, you will be able to look around, move, crouch and fully interact with friends - see each other, communicate and participate in the adventure as a team
- atmosphere - you will start your adventure immediately after booking, and at the club you will be greeted by Motveich - a guide to the world of virtual reality.
- versatility - during a gaming session you will try several games, plus you can change your adventure plan at any time if you don’t like something (but let's not spoil the statistics, everyone likes it, because we can satisfy even the most demanding guests: D)
- closed club - entrance only with a password - we will not have a crowd of spectators, as in a shopping center, and you can relax to the fullest
Welcome to the future!
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Language: RU, UA
Genre:  Adventure Escape / VR
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Type:  VR games. Vertual reality
Quest from category:  VR Escape. The virtual reality
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
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