Exit Quest Rent Quest Box Treasure Island (Anabioz Quest), Kyiv

Town:  Kyiv
Address:  Not specified
Fear:  without fear
History:  Quest-box "Treasure Island" is a... Quest-box "Treasure Island" is a portable exit quest that can be carried out absolutely in any office. It is a completely portable format that does not depend on electricity and does not even require power outlets.
My grandfather was a seafarer, but it was rumored that he was actually a pirate. I had a lot of free time lately and decided to clean the attic of our family home. I found this box among other junk. He's very old and I guess the rumors about my grandfather weren't unfounded.
I tried to open it for several months, but the puzzles were too difficult for me. Could you help me solve them? Perhaps you will find something about my poor grandmother, or perhaps you will find my grandfather's hidden treasure in it.
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Language: RU
Genre:  Adventure Escape / Family
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Exit Quest
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Exit Quest "Rent Quest Box Treasure Island":
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Additionally: In the questbox format, you will find more than 20 riddles united by a common theme "Treasure Island". Each such quest can be played by 1 to 5 people. If you have several teams, then we can arrange a competition between the teams. Each team will play against the clock and will see the progress of other teams on the scoreboard.
Cost: 2000 UAH. for 1 quest box There are 3 quest boxes, which can be played simultaneously by up to 15 people (5 players in one quest box)
  • Hints appear over time or can be retrieved manually.
  • Musical and sound accompaniment during the passage of the quest.
  • Inside the quest box, you can hide a small gift that players will receive after completing the game.
  • Quest boxes - do not depend on electricity and do not even require sockets. Only the surface is sufficient for placement.
  • If several teams are playing, you can make a competition between them. The progress of the teams is displayed on the scoreboard.
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