Escape room Aztecs (AR Escape Room)

Town:  Kyiv
Address:  st. Zagorodnya 15 B
Fear:  easy fright
History:  The game in the genre of "Adventure,... The game in the genre of "Adventure, Fantasy, Mystic"! Modern multi-room quest of the 3rd generation. You and your friends, relaxing on a picturesque island in the Caribbean, accidentally found a cave. Curiosity made you enter the passageway, and you ended up in the underground temple of the mysterious Aztec, where "primitive rituals" are still held by the name of the Sun, which shone over the temple 500 years ago. The team is divided into two parts, and only acting together, despite the fact that you are in different rooms of the temple, carefully studied the hieroglyphs and drawings on the walls, you can find a way out of the original temple, and leave it unharmed. Return to the place that was torn out by the name of the Sun, open the door to the outside with the help of a ritual instrument !!!
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Language: RU, UA
Genre:  Fantasy Escape rooms / Quests with mysticism
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
rooms in quest: more room
Escape room "Aztecs":
Rating based on 11 of reviews
Reviews on quest "Aztecs"
Average mark 4.29 based on 11 of reviews
Comments (11):
Грали перший раз, пояснення перед грою були трохи некоректні, але в цілому все супер, цікаво. Рекомендую.
4.2 Learn more
4.5 Idea and scenario of the room
4.1 Level of puzzles
3.7 Entourage
4.6 Location
3.7 Staff
4 Difficulty level
4.6 General impression

Очень понравилась комната своей атмосферой, декорациями. Загадки не очень сложные, но квест всё равно очень интересный, всем рекомендую)
4.8 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
3.5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
5 Location
5 Staff
3.5 Difficulty level
5 General impression

Было страшновато, но не сложно) Наша команда как обычно затупила в поиске предмета и потеряли немного времени Антураж на высшем уровне Сходить можно)
4.9 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
4.5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
4.9 Location
5 Staff
4 Difficulty level
4.7 General impression
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