Questroom Judgment Day (culmination), Odessa

Town:  Odessa
Address:  Vodoprovodnaya 1
Fear:  Not specified
History:  A year ago, the planet was struck by an... A year ago, the planet was struck by an unknown deadly virus, the spread of which happened at an incredible speed. The multibillion-dollar population of the planet began to decline. In its attempts to fight the virus, the world government has failed to achieve any results. People are desperate. Fear, panic and anarchy have gripped most of the world. Six months after the start of the epidemic, an international group of scientists discovered the possibility of saving humanity from extinction. The one with whom it all began was found. And the number one goal was the need to obtain precious blood samples containing the genome to create a vaccine.
However, scientists are also infected and in order to save their lives they must go through many tests that embody their worst nightmares ... no one knows what will happen to them and where they will end up behind the next door, because the virus has awakened the most terrible creatures, who have not forgotten anything, and are eager for revenge ...
On this day, the living will really envy the dead ...

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Language: RU
Genre:  Adventure Escape / Quests with actors
Gift token:  It does not work
Type:  Not specified
Actor:  Yes
Type of pay:  on place
Questroom "Judgment Day":
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Additionally: Evening games after 20:00 prepayment of UAH 300.
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