Questroom Avengers (Pritokkrovi), Zaporizhia

Town:  Zaporizhia
Address:  Not specified , district Voznesenovskiy
Fear:  without fear
History:  The intergalactic titan Thanos took... The intergalactic titan Thanos took possession of a powerful artifact - the Glove of Infinity. He gathered stones of eternity, so that in his hands to wield power, which is unrivaled. You must return to the past to get ahead of him, collect all 6 stones and destroy his evil intentions. Will the legendary squad of superheroes “Avengers” win? We believe in this, and you?
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Language: RU
Genre:  Fantasy Escape rooms / Technological quest
Gift token:  It does not work
Type:  Not specified
Quest from category:  Not specified
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Questroom "Avengers":
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